Bhutan is one amongst the tenth biodiversity country in the world and more than 70% of its total land is covered by the forest. Bhutan often honored as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon with peaceful and clam which is still regarded as one of the last ‘Shangri-La” in the Himalayan region because of its isolation and less in population, its spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna, its unique ancient Buddhist monasteries and it’s unique tradition and culture. It is in the relatively unexplored pockets of South Asia which allows only limited number of discerning travelers to enter to the country in order to protect its fragile environment and culture. Himalayan Expedition introduces unique and interesting tour in the Kingdom of Bhutan and we have tried to cover as much as possible. Now as country is developing, Tourism Council of Bhutan expects more tourists to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan in next few years.
Bhutan exhibits a rich heritage and alive culture, as the people are proud of their separate and unique traditional and cultural customs. The clothes, religion, culture, tradition and festivals, and its pristine environment interweave to provide a unique cultural experience. Bhutan is the last stronghold of the Mahayana form of Buddhist civilization.
Culture and tradition in Bhutan plays very important role in preserving the pristine environment. For a small country landlocked between the two most populated countries India in south and China in north, the preservation and promotion of its distinct cultural identity is seen as an important means for its survival as an independent and sovereign democratic kingdom.

Touring in Bhutan is unique, as we have to move through the green mountain peaks with the snow on top in order to visit one place to other. Hiking is very much encouraged and many tourists prefer to hike through the paddy fields, friendly cliffs with the friendly people of Bhutan. Bird watching and mountain biking are also encouraged. The sky remains blue and climate remains temperate in some parts of country where we encourage our clients to hike as we also hear bird singing in the forest.
Himalayan Expedition has some selective of the tour program like:

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