Jomolhari Trek

Snowman trek is the trendiest treks in Bhutan. The trek starts from the lowest altitude 2,500m up to nearly 5,000m High.
It offers a wide range of landscape, flora and fauna. You can see the magnificent views of Mount Jomolhari from Jomolhari Base camp.
Jomolhari is name of mountain and it’s the highest mountain in Bhutan. Its peaks are covered with the snow throughout year. While we trek will come across the many wild animals like musk deer, yak, bear, and many more.

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Kuzu Zangpo! Himalayan Expedition is a travel company based in capital city Thimphu, Kingdom of Bhutan. It was established after much research, statistics and much waiting. I was working for more than five years for a travel company in Bhutan and in different areas of Hospitality industry.

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